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The Umbrella Academy – Season 2 Review (Spoilers)

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Time travel, super powered people, racism, dysfunctional families, conspiracy plots, incest, homosexuality, Swedish assassins… I think I got all the major plot points of season two of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. I did warn you about spoilers didn’t I?

After leaving season 1 on a literal world altering cliffhanger, The Umbrella academy wasted no time filling a masterfully written plot with their almost Family Guy cutaway style details. Seriously its like they just make random sentences no one has ever said and make them fit into a mostly coherent plot. ‘Older Man trapped in his teenage body in time to a specific location and murders a board of a time travel control agency headed by a fish in a bowl operating a human body’. Done.

The family of adopted super heroes born miraculously to unsuspecting mothers on the same day at the same time is now spread across different times in the early 60’s in Texas. Number 5, who is the only one of the 7 kids to never adopt a real name, arrives to find the U.S in the middle of a Russian invasion knowing instantly something went wrong. After another time jump, 5 goes right back into avoid the apocalypse while finding his siblings as they live their separate lives in pre civil rights Texas. Luther (Number 1) is a bodyguard for the local mobster that eventually murders Harvey Lee Oswald, and yes he’s still in love with his sister Allison (Number 3). Allison is married to a civil rights activist and planning a sit in at lunch counter the week JFK arrives at Dallas. Diego (Number 2) is actively trying to stop the assassination of JFK and is in an asylum. Klaus (Number 4) has arrived back to Dallas after being on a world tour with his cult that follows him. He’s trying to save the life of his future lover that he traveled back in the past for and watched die in Season 1; there’s one of those weird never said before said until this show. Vanya (Number 7) is on a farm somewhere and has conveniently lost her memory of her actively ending the world and has fallen in love with a neglected wife that ran her over. As we may have noticed, the entire season surrounds the murder of JFK and the ripple effect it has on history. One particular shining light of this season is the accurate portrayal of the different worlds each sibling ends up encountering by traveling to roughly the same time period in U.S History. Allison is met with extreme racism from onset of her arriving while her white siblings seem to make decent lives for themselves. Even Luther who looks like a botched science experiment is just okay as a bodyguard and bare-knuckle brawler. As she fights for justice he fights for fun and money.

Overall the siblings actually suck as a team for the most part. No one actually listens to Number 5 who is clearly the smartest of the sibling, and everyone has some sort of daddy issues being neglected by a father that only wanted super heroes to raise not a family.

Some more time jumps, a murderous Swedish trio of brothers, finding another “sibling”, The Umbrella Academy fumbling through crisis after crisis; this show is not missing any beats and delivers another amazing season. Shit I didn’t even get to mention Sir Reginald Hargreeves is a fucking alien?

8.5 Salutes out of 10 for this season of The Umbrella Academy.

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