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NFL Bubble Proposal- Super Champion Tournament

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Let’s face it, every football fan is staring at the NBA fans enjoying their action packed end of season bubble experiment like Squidward standing at the window while Spongebob and Patrick are living their best lives. With mandatory safety measures in place the U.S. itself should be jealous of; the NBA is a model for how to achieve a safe and enjoyable experience I’m pretty sure the NFL can’t measure up against.

As MLB is a clusterfuck of bad decisions compounded, we await to see if the highest watched sport in the U.S will suffer the same fate. I personally think there’s not a damn chance we get a full season of every team playing football, so here’s my suggestion: SUPER CHAMPION BUBBLE TOURNAMENT.

Let the 12 best teams of the past 20 years face off against each other in an 11 game season. Each team plays the other once, and the best 10 records are in the playoffs. Top 2 seeds are still awarded a bye week and the playoffs are played as always. At the end we will crown the first ever SUPER CHAMPION (honestly this name stinks I’d rather name it the GOAT –Greatest Of All Teams but nobody will agree to that). How do I get the best 12 teams of the past 20 years? Well voodoo math and history books. I looked through the last 20 Super Bowls and assigned point totals for wins and losses and the highest point teams make the top 12.

That leaves us with the New England Patriots, New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers being the best 12 teams of the last 20 NFL seasons. No, I didn’t hurt myself making these stretches and shoving these teams in place. Yes, we leave off some ultra competitive teams that we looked forward to in 2020 in place for a couple teams with question marks… but so? This is the NFL where parity is king and any* team can win. (*Any team but the Browns they not winning we can guarantee that*)

We get Tom Brady VS the Patriots, Mahomes VS Lamar do we really need anything else? One Bubble city with 2 football fields is all that’s required and we get 6 games spread out from Thursday to Monday night with a universal bye week to give everyone a fair chance. And maybe I don’t have all the details ironed out but so what the NFL doesn’t either.

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