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DJ Rumor Is Making A Name For Himself With Track “Secrets”

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DJ Rumor is a Detroit, Michigan based artist and producer that is paving his own way in the music industry. His start to music came with the inspiration he got from being around some of the most talented music artists out today. During this, he also got the opportunity to record in Timberland’s studio where he got to record the track “Secrets”.

The song has a smooth melody and some bumping 808’s that makes for a good club or party song. DJ Rumor is showcasing his talent in the song and giving reason to why he is catching attention in Detroit. “Secrets” has thousands of streams on Spotify and is gaining big attention from other major platforms. This just the beginning of DJ Rumor’s career, there’s plenty of great things to come from this creative.

Listen to “Secrets” here:

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