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Don Dotta: ‘Features’ Is Here

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Jersey is in the building!

Don Dotta has officially dropped his highly anticipated album, ‘Features.’ The rapper, singer, songwriter, audio engineer and producer is taking the industry by storm raising the bar for up and coming artists in the tri-state.

Ehren “Don Dotta” Whitfield, was born and raised in Plainfield, New Jersey, later graduating from Highland Park Highschool. Don tried to go college despite his family struggles and excelled, but eventually decided to pursue a different path, investing. At only 17 years old, Don along with his cousin and three best friends bought a house in a wealthy area, transforming the estate into a music haven. From the ground up, the lyrical family of five created three full music studios equipt with anything needed to learn the trade. Don Dotta began to teach himself how to engineer and produce his own records from scratch while attending an audio school to perfect his craft from mentors like, Engine Room Audio’s Christensen and IGM’s Clicquot Geno.

Situations arise, but when a person is under pressure gives them a chance to demonstrate their potential and that’s exactly what Don Dotta has accomplished. ‘Features’ is the new album that dropped Friday, July 24th from the young entrepreneur showing off his genuine raw talent while bringing out all his friends he’s met along the way from the Garden State. He’s teamed up with some of the hottest artists in Jersey each incorporating their unique sounds on each feature, hence the title “Features.” From Franklin to Jersey City there is not a dull moment on the tape. Produced by the talents of Don Dotta himself and Jvst Nice the songs truly were well structured and easy to listen to. 13 Songs and there may also be a deluxe in the works, he hinted!

All that hard work and struggle makes the story even better and with a grind like Don Dotta’s there is no other option but success. Congrats on the amazing album. Check out the new single “Day & Night” Feat. Mvntana off the new album ‘Features’ now!

IG: @Don_dotta10 Twitter: @Don__dotta

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