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JaVale McGee – Blowing Up In The Bubble

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NBA Champion turned new Youtube star JaVale McGee has been sharing his life inside the NBA Bubble down in Orlando. From watching him play, there was always a certain air of jovialness to his game and we see how that originates in his off the court personality. Who would’ve thought seeing a giant man pour and hold a regular size cup of coffee can be so entertaining? With Laker players and staff cameos galore, his ‘Life In The Bubble’ series has brought us into the athletes experience at this super odd, post covid-19 world. Quarantined with nothing but those in the NBA and Disney employees, JaVale has shown us exactly why Kevin Durant and Steve Kerr have publicly defended him; he’s a genuinely good fucking guy. All of this is easily comes through the screen as he called J.R Smith’s to ask if he can have J.R’s vegan eggs from his pre-made breakfast (if J.R is vegan, that means Henny is vegan right?). I for one need the Lakers to make the finals just to watch more JaVale content in the bubble. Check out the latest episode of Life In The Bubble where he crashes J.R’s press conference.



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