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Darkside Baybay Continues to Carve Out A Lane Of His Own On ‘Doris Boy’

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When you think of motivational Hip Hop that not
only knocks in the speakers, but inspires you to up your hustle Rick Ross, Jay-Z or the
late great Nipsey Hussle might come to mind. But, there’s a new sound bubbling up
from the underground with Miami native, Darkside Baybay leading the way. Stylish,
gritty, and fully transparent lyricism combined with hard-hitting production make
Darkside Baybay’s work illuminate his path to the success he seeks and serves as a
wake up call to those still sleeping. His new album, ‘Doris Boy’ is no different, packing
potent vibes and extra game.

Starting off with the hard-hitting “Famlay (Intro)” before proceeding to let off dark and
ambitious bars over 13 tracks of vivid storytelling, ‘Doris Boy’ fails to disappoint as
listeners learn more about Darkside Baybay’s journey towards success, his struggles,
triumphs and of course, the hustle. A true artist at heart, Darkside Baybay creates rich
audio experiences for fans and listeners alike. Doris Boy’s dark, creative cover art is the
perfect complement, matching Darkside Baybay’s unique perspective on life and
success. Since checking in on the scene, Darkside Baybay has made a name for
himself, opening for Zoey Dollaz and A Boogie with the Hoodie, aside from crafting
dope sounds we all can ride out to and resonate with. Check in with ‘Doris Boy’ on all
digital streaming platforms, and get a glimpse of Hip Hop’s future: Darkside Baybay.

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