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Media Preview: The Paragon Project Vol: 4 ADD-A-LESSON

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The Paragon Project Vol. 4: Add-A-Lesson melodically dictates the coming of age story of a young adult tackling trauma, social media addiction, depression, peer pressure, substance abuse and experimentation. While fictional, the character is an embodiment of the inner voices and lived experiences of several young people today. The project is a wonderful blend of original hip hop, R&B, and afrobeat music. Each song is a representation of the main character’s thoughts as she processes life around her. The cohesive and thoughtful project was written, produced, and arranged by students from Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center. The art centered public high school in Columbus, Ohio was one of 18 schools across the country to be selected as a Grammy Signature School in 2012.

All of The Paragon Project’s albums seek to generate an intergenerational dialogue about social issues. Youth are at the forefront of the current political climate, and they are making sure their voices are not only heard but also valued in important conversations. Essays, detailed analyses, and discussion questions written by academicians, practitioners, and prevention specialists can help guide your listening and create a fully immerse experience as you enjoy this phenomenal project.

The talented group is embracing the virtual age that COVID-19 has ushered in. “Given what’s happened this year with COVID-19 and millions of kids being out of school, this project serves as a great representation of the ups and downs that occur in a typical school year. It also gives tremendous insight into the voices of teens who are just trying to figure things out, and we’ve all been there before,” says hip hop artist Truck North. The Paragon Project partnered with the illustration team of Ray Styles Studio who is known for its socially-conscious artwork for high profile clientele including the NBA, Cardi B, Lil Uzi Vert, Atlantic Records, and Sony Records. A picture’s worth a thousand words, and this video speaks volumes

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