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Mob83: Jersey’s Best Kept Secret

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Growing up in a broken home, struggling to make ends meet as a child and finding your gateway out through music is what the culture is all about. Manifesting a place to release all your thoughts and feelings, bringing them to life through song. Grab a pen and a pad, write for hours, add a dope beat mixed with a fire flow and what do you get? Mob 83.

Starting off as an artist at a young age, the New Jersey naitive has always been in touch with his creative side drawing any chance he could. It wasn’t until he was put in three different schools, moving from state-to-state to where he truly needed a different escape to vent the hardships he was going through. Mob 83 fell completely in love with music. From Biggie to Nas, JCole to Kendrick, he knew he was never going to give up no matter how many obstacles were in his way.

“I fell in love with the craft completely. I started writing everyday after school for an hour to sometimes even three. I thought about everything going on in my life or just wrote about what happened in school that day. Either way, writing became life.”
Mob 83 started taking advantage of Instagram,recording and posting small clips of some of his writing and getting the attention from numerous producers. “Take off” was his first single mixed by Sebastian Burley where the track ultimately got Mob83 to “Take Off” in the music industry and ignited a flame of passion following his next project.

“83rd” was originally just an entry for a rap contest hosted by Kato On The Track. “After a month of working on the single to get it just right my engineer and I were hype bopping our heads and thought for sure I would win the contest with a dope visual done by Christian The Director, unfortunately I didn’t.” Said Mob 83 in a recent interview. After everything the rapper has been through it seems a lot more than one “L” would stop him from accomplishing what he was set out to do. Win. Mob 83 and his crew kept pushing the single and has become a fan favorite with his genius lyrics and effortless style.

Mob 83’s next single “Parallels Within” will be a more indepth look into the upcoming legends real life and reflect on what’s going on today fighting for equality.“The injustice behind how cops treat people of color unfairly just hits home for me. I’ve been on the other side of it all, being locked up sitting in a cell waiting to see a judge not knowing what will happen to you next. So I basically just mash all these emotions up in my single “Parallels Within.” Added Mob 83.

Follow @m83siren on instagram for updates on music release and events. Check out Mob 83’s video for “83rd” below:

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