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Knotch – “No Corona”

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Cory “Knotch” Marks was born Dec. 29th 1985 This 34 year-old music producer, songwriter, and artist, came to find his love for music, with his unique writing and vocal abilities, coupled with his hot beats Knotch is guaranteed to catch everyone by ear . Inspired by his father & mother, and a host of uncles & Aunts and Grandfather Sam Esters , and brothers who are all musically inclined and listening to artist such as The Jacksons, Pharrell , Timberland, Diddy, Musiq Soul-child, Jodeci, and Stevie Wonder whose influences has helped shape him into the musical genius he is today.

Knotch got his production start when his dad gave him a Korg 0/1w keyboard , he would program beats that he would hear on the radio, and was one day told by a cousin Quan “hey man why don’t you make your own beats” Knotch replied “your right” and began his journey. In the year 2000 Knotch learned a new program with a friend in high school Jvee Vincent , who showed him how to use fruity loops and he took off from there. Knotch began to go to beat battles and win effortlessly , and began to get noticed by record label and other producers and writers, then is when he knew his beats were ready for the big leagues !

Knotch never dreamed that his music would be desired by so many known name artist. Knotch has worked with Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder, New Boyz, Chipmunk, Kurupt, Keisha Cole, YG, Carmen Electra, Mally Mall, Diddy, Cassie, Redman, 1500 or nothin , Rick Ross, Murs, Mario, R. Kelly , Ray J, Polow da Don, Nelly, Jeremih , Scarface and the list goes on….

Knotch wrote the hook for the song entitled “Tie Me Down” which received a 2011 ASCAP award. Knotch went on to write a song entitled “Sweet Love” which debuted on Chris Browns album “Fortune” that received a Grammy Award nomination and again for a second time on Chris Brown’s X album for placing “Lost In Ya Love” on that project.

Knotch currently has a new single out called “No Corona” a song he wrote about the pandemic covid19, Knotch says he wrote this song in good faith that Corona will not come near him or his family or friends!


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