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HoneyB – “Coronaa Coronaa”

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HoneyB is poised to become one of the next big things in American music. The multi-talented artist’s goal is to create an emotional connection with her fans through her music. The artist is a self proclaimed empath, which means it has always been easy for her to relate to what others are feeling and experiencing as if it were her own and through that she creates timeless music for generations to come!

HoneyB’s new release “Coronaa Coronaa” is a jaw dropping and spicy story taking her fans through the pandemic of COVID-19 as her boyfriend had the audacity to cheat on her during quarantine. The artist takes her fans through an experience of how it all started. If you are in quarantine now and want a hot new record to add to your playlist, check out her latest hit single “Coronaa Coronaa” now!

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