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Sony Reveals Logo For Playstation 5

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During its CES 2020 press conference yesterday, Sony revealed the PlayStation 5 logo.
Alongside the announcement, they also that announced that Sony has sold over 5 million PlayStation VR headsets since the device launched back in October 2016.
During the conference, they also revealed that they’d sold 104 million PS4 units, which makes the console the brands best-seller in history behind the PS2. The PS2 has a lifetime sales record of 158 million units, meaning that it’s likely unlikely that the PS4 will overtake that sale before the PS5 launches in 2021.
There are no real surprises with the logo, as it looks exactly as expected, following in the footsteps of the consoles that came before. With the font remaining the same and no additional design going on, the only real difference is, of course, the number.
Details about the PS5 have been slowly revealed in past months as Sony gears up to launch next year. While there’s still no word as to what it will look like, Sony has confirmed that it will support 8K graphics, super-fast SSDs and ray tracing.

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