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NYPD Sends A Statement On Officer Who Punched Kid On Subway & EITM Debates

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Over the weekend, a video went viral in which multiple NYPD officers were on the scene on a subway platform in New York where according to the New York Post, a 15-year-old was charged with assaulting a police officer, a 16-year-old was charged with reckless endangerment, and three 18-year-olds were charged with resisting arrest. The video went viral after one officer threw a punch at two different kids.

EITM sends debates the video.

An NYPD official sent the following statement which is read in the video above:

“The cops responded to 911 calls for a large fight and they arrested two females. As the cops started dispersing the crowd several things happened causing tensions and the seriousness of this incident to escalate.

1) one male teenager punched another male teenager in the face right in front of the cops. The cops made another arrest which caused another commotion.

2) a witness pointed out a teenager that had a gun and the cops made another arrest and recovered a loaded firearm. (Not caught on camera)

3) as the cops were again dispersing everyone, a police officer punched two different individuals inside the station. That officer has been transferred and put on desk duty as we try and determine what caused him to take those actions. We usually wait to interview the officer at the request of the District Attorney’s office.

Again, we investigate use of force thoroughly.”

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