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Rapper Offset invests in FaZe Clan

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FaZe Clan, the world’s unmatched leader in competitive esports and “pop-gaming” lifestyle and entertainment, today welcomed one of the world’s hottest and most popular rappers, Offset, to its family as FaZeOffset. Offset is a member of the trailblazing and massively popular hip hop and trap music trio Migos. This exciting partnership includes a commitment by Offset and FaZe to build a mutually beneficial partnership to continue to propel FaZeClan’s dominance and accelerate the intersection of esports and entertainment in general. Financial terms of Offset’s investment in FaZe Clan will not be disclosed.

“I love gaming and esports is the future” said Offset, “These two facts make it only right that I be apart of the biggest esports organization with some of the best players in the world.”

“FaZe Clan goes beyond gaming and esports – we’re leading a transformation in culture and entertainment,” said Lee Trink, CEO, FaZe Clan. “Offset represents a new generation of cultural leaders who understand that shift. FaZe Clan is redefining what it means to be an iconic entertainment brand and working with a visionary like Offset is another step towards the future – we not only dominate in competitive gaming we are setting new trends across content, merchandise, brand partnerships, and beyond.”

FaZe Clan’s President Greg Selkoe added, “We view Offset as an amazing addition to the FaZe Clan family and look forward to working closely with him to develop co-branded experiences, content, apparel and anything else his incredibly creative mind can conceive of.” He continued, “FaZe is all about pushing the boundaries of what an esports brand can be as we truly believe gaming now sits at the epicenter of almost all current pop-culture trends. Our roots and DNA are gaming, but we have built a lifestyle brand and social movement around this. What is key to our formula is that everyone we bring into the FaZe Clan family has to first have an authentic love for gaming and Offset is both one of the planet’s biggest musicians and a skilled gamer and esports aficionado as well.”

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