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Zeppolle Alla Vodka – Chubs ft. Kimchi Sawce

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New York Rapper Chubs and French producer Kimchi Sawce have been working on a very special project.

This is a new kind of Italian Sunday dinner, this is family style hip hop linguine with extra sawce.

With heavy influence from the Sopranos, OG mob bosses, and Italian loyalty; chubs and Kimchi traveled back in time to create ‘ Zeppolle Alla Vodka ‘ – the first single off their debut album ‘ Silvio ‘.

This Tarantino-esque video gives you a taste of the new age ‘ Tony Soprano ‘ with an undertone of comedy.

Kimchi’s multi-cultural background provides a twist of darkness to his unique sound; while chubs uses his tantalizing lyrical abilities to create an entire new world. At the heart of this project are two movie heads who use their talents and love of the arts to express themselves in a story telling design. Bringing you not only an Italian tale but instead sharing an entire lifestyle and atmospheric energy to suck you into the world they’ve created.

Lose yourself in the nostalgic fantasy of Silvio. Album coming soon.

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