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“My laptop won’t fit in my bag!!” DJ Afrojack X Sprayground solves the issue.

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Sprayground and Afrojack collaborate to make a sleek, useful bag for DJs. This bag is made of all white vegan leather and includes an inside laptop pocket large enough for a 17-inch screen (which is what most DJs carry) and zip pockets for external hard drives and thumb drives. The infamous shark mouth of Sprayground stands out in a bold red and black; one will definitely catch eyes with this bag.

Sprayground chose to collaborate with Afrojack to expand awareness internationally that no matter your career, style, or interest there’s a bag for you. David Ben David met up with him in Dubai and decided to structure the collaboration. With Afrojack’s energy and currently being on tour, this is perfect timing.

Afrojack, who’s real name is Nick van de Wall is more than a DJ. Born in the Netherlands, he also produces, remixes, and programs music. His DJ name comes from the fact he had a huge Afro as a child and enjoyed “jacking”, a popular house music dance move.
He started his career as a teenager by playing in local clubs and pubs. His commonly played music is majorly popular in the dance scene— EDM and Pop.

This will be Afrojack’s first collaboration with Sprayground. Stay tuned for more in the future, but for now, you can follow Afrojack on all social media to keep up with his next stop on tour. He will be in New York City on August 30, 2019, inside the Electric Zoo.

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