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Warchyld – “War Hummer”

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Many Hip Hop artists have opened their own stores and created their own clothing brands, however, the marketing and branding strategy for the 215’s Warchyld is a precedence in and of itself.

Sponsored and built by East Coast Auto Designs, Warchyld has created the “War Hummer”, an H2 SUT Hummer, which is a promotional vehlcle equipped with a t-shirt/confetti cannon atop of the pick-up truck style SUV. Besides promoting his City Of Brotherly Love-based store called Wardrobe, which is located on South Street. In-store signings from notables such as 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Styles P and others who support Warchyld and his Wardrobe movement will be kicking off in the summer 2019.

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