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Michelle Obama, Keke Palmer, Bailee Madison and more celebrate National College Application Month

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Celebrate National College Application Month by joining former First Lady Michelle Obama alongside Keke Palmer, Bailee Madison, Ciara, Karlie Kloss and more for the launch of Reach Higher’s all-new “ Laundry ” campaign!

The celebration began Thursday, November 8th, as celebs and other notable figures shared social media posts encouraging students across the country to pledge to apply to college. In exchange for making this commitment, celebs are pledging to do students laundry for an entire semester. Realistically, celebs will not be able to do anyone’s laundry, but they do care a lot about students’ education and here’s what they have to say:

“As a 19 year old, I’m facing the same questions and fears that other people my age are facing. Reach Higher answers those questions while encouraging you to dream bigger, be better and take that next step towards your education. After all, I truly believe that with an educated mind ANYTHING is possible. College is the first step towards the life you want for yourself, and I believe every person – no matter what age – deserves that first step. It’s never too late to reach higher, ” said Bailee Madison, star of Hallmark’s Good Witch and The Strangers: Prey at Night film.

“It’s National College Application Month and we want to see high school seniors all over the country make the commitment to apply to college. And we know that once they get to college, students will discover so much about themselves, their passions, and the world. They’ll take eye-opening classes and engage in campus activities.  And many students, if they are anything like me at that age, will learn to do to their laundry. We hope seniors will take the pledge and apply to college this fall,” said Eric Waldo, Reach Higher’s executive director.

Reach Higher is an initiative started by former First Lady Michelle Obama during her time in the White House, dedicated to inspiring every student in the U.S. to complete their education past high school by attending a professional training program, a community college or a traditional university. This video is brought to you by Reach Higher’s student-facing campaign, Better Make Room in partnership with Fullscreen, a global leader in social-first entertainment experiences and services for the world’s top talent, digital influencers, brands and avid fans.

Sign the pledge by clicking here and be sure to follow Reach Higher’s Laundry campaign on social media:



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