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Eno Noziroh – “Dripp”

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Philly natives (artist) Eno Noziroh and (director) Louis A. Moore’s main goal in creating “Dripp” was to stay true to the city of Philadelphia, conveying everything from its vibrance to its venturesome. Other than a more recently built park called “Pause Park,” all of the scenes were shot at historical places in Philly. Done on a $0 budget with no permits, “Dripp” came to fruition through guerrilla filming and friends that wanted to help. Noziroh and Moore (1193 Productions) have been friends for years, and in 2016 Noziroh recorded the soundtrack for Moore’s short film, “Tales from Shaolin.” Ayfletch, a designer and friend of Noziroh’s, pulled up personally to style scenes.

Director, Producer and Videographer, Louis A. Moore re-teams with recording artist and composer of Louis’s latest film (Tales From Shaolin) Eno Noziroh, providing the visuals for Eno’s latest song “Dripp.” Co-founder of 1193 Productions, Louis works out of Philadelphia with his long-time friend and award-winning writer counterpart, J. Michael Neal. Make sure to check out 1193 Productions on all social media as well as the “Tales From Shaolin” album by Eno Noziroh.


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