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Wiz Khalifa Answers Stoner Questions, Talks Creating Waves, Amber Rose + More

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Wiz Khalifa makes his return to The Breakfast Club to promote his new album ‘Rolling Papers 2’, talk lifestyle, relationships and much more.
Favorite fruit
Training five days a week
Does training require you slow down on the weed and drinking
Rolling Papers 2
Writing full songs
Your demographic
Not having inspiration at one point
Creating a wave
Staying inspired
Talking about his relationship with Amber
Taking a last name is big deal to a guy
Does it bother you when people talk about Sebastian
Changing people lives
Bar about Koreans
Not worrying about offending people
Are you and Snoop going to do an action movie
Mac Miller
Kanye West
Responding to DM’s
Have you ever been catfished
When was the last time you smoked trash weed
Khalifa Kush
Do you feel like you are where you need to be

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