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Styles P On The Need For Competition In Hip-Hop, His New Album, Life Balances + More

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Styles P came by to promote his new alum G-Host, talk about life balances, healthy competition in music and more.
· Being older and having a hard time losing weight
· Men judged differently about weight
· 9th album out – Balance of concepts of album
· Always trying to find balance in life
· Juice bar tied to balance
· Does styles love going on tour still
· Black love show on OWN with wife
· Styles P being a vegan but not a bitch
· Styles recent music – his son producing music
· Styles getting better with time
· Styles being frugal with his money, but liking nice things
· Does styles go back and watch his old videos
· Bdot saying mase better lyrically than styles – styles opinion on himself lyrically
· Being turned into a meme- great one day loser next

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