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50 Cent’s Trainer Jay Cardiello Attempts To Break The 1-Minute Chin Up World Record

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50-Cent’s Long Time (13-years) Celebrity Trainer Jay Cardiello attempts to break the 1-minute chin up world record. Jay Cardiello has a problem with the term celebrity trainer. No matter how it’s used, it’s a bit of misnomer. Are you trying to say the trainer himself is a celebrity? (“You won’t find any paparazzi waiting outside my place,” Cardiello laughs.) Or are you trying to use the term as an occupation, as in, he or she trains celebrities?

It’s funny that he loathes the term so much because you can make a strong argument that Cardiello is both. He may have humility, but at least within the fitness world, Cardiello does have some celebrity. He recently co-starred on ABC’s “My Diet is Better Than Yours” reality show, a TEDx and Motivational Speaker, is the author of the highly successful BodyWeight Strength Training and Cardio Core 4×4 books, and perhaps most impressively, pioneered a behavioral change program for the obese that is now implemented in Mt. Sinai Hospital systems. If it’s pure star power you’re after, Cardiello’s client roster is littered with A-list actors and athletes from Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara to Kevin Love and 50 Cent. As well as worked professionally as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist for 10-years in the NFL, MLB, AFL, XFL and World Championship Boxing.

Why the Chin-up world record? Many people don’t know that Jay suffered a career ending spinal injury while competing as a Long Jumper at the University Arkansas that required 13-surgeries, two of which were spinal fusions. This record is something that at 44-years old I want to show people their greatest opponent is themselves. The fight that you got to fight is in your mind and decide what you want and go after it. Cause you never want to ask yourself “What if?”. A lot of people right before they are about to die will ask themselves that question.

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