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Ashley Taylor Collaborates With STC Dano for New Single “Pillow Talkin”

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Ashley Taylors Releases New Single “Pillow Talkin” Featuring STC Dano

Ashley Taylor is an upcoming singer/songwriter who has recently dropped a new single featuring STC Dano titled “Pillow Talkin.” The sassy single has reached more than 1k plays on streaming giant Spotify since it’s release, just a week ago. Ashley tells the story of a love that could have been. The main inspiration behind “Pillow Talkin” was heartache; after a period of self reflection Ashley has transmuted her pain into creativity and we now have “Pillow Talkin.” Including a feature from STC Dano his lyrics counter hers and the two juxtapose the symbolic essence that is a new love encounter hidden behind broken intentions. Their voices beautifully mesh together over the beat and it truly is a musical experience, from the percussion to the guitar loop to the vocals.

Juggling between being a full-time artist and a full-time student is no easy task, however Ashley Taylor makes it look effortless. Her latest single “Pillow Talkin” was written early on in her spring semester of USC this is her first release since she dropped her debut album “Solace”. Taking her music seriously since she was 15, Ashley now has 3 professional years under her belt and continues to work on her craft. Ashley has another single lined up titled “All the Same” which will be released later this Summer, she also plans to finalize her next EP titled “DND” which will drop after the release of her singles. I look forward to seeing this talented artist’s growth. Check out “Pillow Talkin” and her previous album “Solace” in the links down below.


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