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ELLSEA Collaborates With MGK’s Video Director On “Twisted”

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ELLSEA is an artist we are newly discovering, but now have a close eye on for future releases. We could have a future mega star in our midst. “Twisted” (Feat. Tyla Yaweh ) is a musical work of art that sends the listener on a journey.

The music video for “Twisted” is a vivid portrayal of ELLSEA’s personal narrative, reimagined through the lens of director Sam Cahill. Known for his work with MGK and other industry giants, Cahill brought a dreamlike quality to the project, capturing the essence of a toxic relationship in reverse. This creative approach not only showcases ELLSEA’s and Yaweh’s performances but also highlights the thematic depth of their collaboration.

Shooting the video was a blend of hard work and heartfelt moments, with ELLSEA citing the camaraderie on set as a memorable experience. The concept—a love triangle that visually unravels the song’s story—was brought to life with a mix of stark realism and artistic flair. For ELLSEA, working with Cahill was a milestone, merging her musical narrative with his visual storytelling prowess.

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