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Boston Artist Exitfame climbing the ladder to success

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Boston’s own, artist to be on the lookout for this year, Exit Fame is climbing the ladder of success to infinity and beyond! His dedication to music has continued to earn the respect of both older, and newer generations, evoking inspiration and discovery of self. Opening for artists like Jadakiss, who set the precedent for up-and-coming artists, Exit Fame has shown that through all the trials and tribulations, he’s hungry for success and he’s not slowing down anytime soon. Born in Boston, MA, Exit takes us on a journey through his albums into the harsh reality of being raised by the streets. As a child Exit was born into a lower class income family with strong Christian values. He lost his father at the age of 22 leading him into a life of drugs, crime, and doing time. Through Exit’s love for his family and strong ties to God, he eventually found his way out of the trenches but never forgot where he came from. With songs like, “Rose from the Concrete,” and “Still Dudley,” Exit continues to strive for greatness while taking the hood with him along the way. “Unk Dange forever,” is a shout-out you’ll hear often in his songs, paying homage to his good friend and mentor who passed away in 2023. In his home life, Exit strives to help others, while working to repair the damage caused during his years of drug and alcohol abuse. He works with drug treatment centers and nonprofit organizations to tell his story in hopes that others will follow his lead. There were numerous trials and tribulations that had to be overcome for the level of respect and notoriety that Exit Fame is now garnering from big names like, Milly’s, Jadakiss, Slaine, and more. The respect Exit has earned from fellow artists and his community is well deserved. Exit’s lyrics have shown him to be the voice of this generation that represents the addicts and the underdogs. His knack for storytelling and his ability to take listeners from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs show us that he may just be the artist we’ve been waiting for. Exit continues to rise in the ranks with his exceptional skills as a lyricist, on every album he drops and he doesn’t show any signs of stopping. In his songs, Exit heavily expresses how his faith and his resilience have become a catalyst for him to help others create a brighter future for themselves, while delivering the message, that God is the light at the end of every tunnel. Via LEXI

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