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Deshaun James Prince Of Pop

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Deshaun James is a recording artist and songwriter from Fargo North Dakota/Greenville, South Carolina. His multi-genre music covers lots of sonic territory, from hip hop and R&B to pop and beyond. As a restless creative spirit, James is endlessly perfecting his signature vocals and unique production style. James has released lots of fantastic music over recent years, including “One on One,” “Seeing Double”Waves Paperwork,and and his Newest single “Tragedy. When asked about his new single Tragedy Deshaun James stated “I wanted to try a new sound, I knew I couldn’t find that sound on my own, I reached out to a good friend of mine in the music industry, AKA Durow. He helped me get the sound that I needed. Without Durow the record wouldn’t be what it is, with his talent of redirecting the instrumental and his touch on Mixing/Mastering the record. Deshaun James recently dropped his latest album “BEST OF BOTH WORLDS” this album is exactly what the title states, it’s a collaboration of James’ Rap style of music and his album that was released last spring “Deshaun James Gone Pop” It’s already making a huge impression.

Deshaun James has been featured in lots of media, including The Source, GEN Z HIPHOP, CMVA 107.5, Mouthin Out Podcast, HTG Podcast, Times Square billboard and performed at Ted C. With lots of great music already released and a growing appetite for new sounds, we can expect his profile to soar in the coming years.

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