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Von Barz: Revolutionizing Rap with Racing Rhythms

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Born in Georgetown, SC, and later making his mark in Charlotte, NC, Tony Washington, better known by his stage name Von Barz, has been a lyrical innovator since childhood. Music not only saved his life but also offered him a platform to voice the struggles he faced growing up. Today, Von Barz stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and the impact of a unique sound in the rap industry.


Racing to the Beat

Von Barz’s musical style is as eclectic as it is vibrant, drawing heavily from his passion for automobiles—a love ingrained in him from childhood memories of classic cars like his father’s ‘deuce and quarter’ and ‘T Top trans am’. These experiences have not only shaped his sound but also his lyrical content, infusing his music with the energy and excitement reminiscent of a racetrack. This connection to cars has recently attracted the attention of NASCAR, a nod to both his talent and his roots in Charlotte, a city known for its deep ties to racing.


Collaborations and Influences

Von Barz has worked with various artists and producers, such as 10Ktae, DJ Pakin, Tampa, and Dfresh, each bringing their unique flavors to his musical “gumbo.” Influenced by giants like 50 Cent, Von Barz respects the art of rap while ensuring his tracks are filled with fun and lyrical prowess, despite the genre’s current trend towards less complex lyrics. This approach has allowed him to maintain authenticity while being playful with his music.


More Than Just Music

For Von Barz, music is more than just entertainment—it’s a lifeline and a form of therapy. It plays a crucial role in his life, offering both a personal sanctuary and a way to connect with others. His recent plans include headlining the “Good Vibez Quest” in London and offering fans a chance to join him and his team through a special raffle. Enter the raffle here.

Despite the challenges of the industry, like navigating marketing pitfalls and budget issues, Von Barz stays motivated by staying connected to his roots and his team. Looking forward, he aims for world tours and multi-platinum projects, promising to keep his music relevant and resonant.

Discover more about Von Barz and listen to his latest tracks on Spotify. Follow him on Instagram to stay updated on his latest moves and behind-the-scenes action, and tune into to request his single “Bloody Murda” now.

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