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Pheonix, ‘Matrix’, and his Revolution of Hollywood Artists

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This last month, one of our new favorite artists released what he deems as his first solely based hip-hop project. In case you didn’t know, Pheonix is a fluent artist, musician, and producer in every genre imaginable. He currently has a variety of music published under Corvus Records, LLC. that demonstrates his unique ability to release the best of whatever sound or genre is inspiring him. Our writers have kept in touch with Pheonix over the span of the last year as we anxiously awaited the release of the song we’re about to dive into now, ‘Matrix’.

The roughly three-minute track surprisingly begins with a quote from the first Rocky movie. While a creative choice such as this can fall flat or set a bad tone for the rest of the song, Pheonix doesn’t disappoint. There is, and justifiably so, a stigma with artists who attempt to perform within multiple genres. The stereotype of fans wanting a certain sound from an artist, or a certain era, or even a certain look can weigh heavily on the performance of an artist and the performance of that artist’s sales. However, Pheonix is not any of that. Despite some of his projects not being hip-hop based, the kid knows how to rap, and more importantly, produce. There is nothing about this song, the way it’s structured, and its delivery that would feed into the stereotype of a singer not being able to rap, or a rapper not being able to sing. He genuinely performs well in such a diverse variety of music.

The record has noticeable inspiration from Dr. Dre and Kanye West in the production sense with heavy snares, choir chants, and the haunting piano riffs. On the other side, his vocal performance and lyrics seem more inspired by artists like A$AP ROCKY, DaBaby, and Pusha T. There is never a point in the song where a lyric or line feels filler or doesn’t make sense in context to overall themes of despair, ambition, and The American Dream. The new release, ‘Matrix’, is expected to land a position in the Top 100 Singles charts for the later part of this year. The song is currently available on all platforms worldwide with physical copies to be expected for sale this upcoming month.

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