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Westside Gunn on How to Build a $10,000 Outfit | The Complex Sneakers Show

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Westside Gunn, who just released his album “And Then You Pray for Me,” is a rapper who’s well-versed in rare sneakers and elite garments. In this episode, he talks about the footwear of professional wrestlers, his aspirations to own a pair of Nike Air Yeezy 1s even if they’ll crumble on him, and the blight that is fake Denim Tears. Westside also drops a teaser that Griselda will reunite in 2024 for a sequel album in “WWCD 2.” At the top of the show, Joe La Puma, Matt Welty, and Brendan Dunne discuss Taylor Swift’s New Balance influence, the Malaysia excursion, and making people golf to get a pair of Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 1s.

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