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Empowering New Voices: THEDifference Music Group Unveils Fresh Record Labels

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The thriving musical milieu of New York has gained further momentum with the advent of THEDifference Music Group’s innovative record labels. Namely, Die Tryin’ Records, based in Brooklyn, and Del Bloque Recordings, with its roots in San Juan, Puerto Rico. These labels have been designed to serve as havens for artists journeying through the music world. They promise bespoke recording and marketing agreements molded to fit the individual flair and history of every artist.

Drenched in the essence of hip-hop and rap, Die Tryin’ Records is passionately dedicated to magnifying voices from these musical realms. On the other hand, Del Bloque Recordings, the newest branch of THEDifference, immerses itself in the vibrant rhythms of Reggaeton and Latin Hip-Hop.

Rising star PariahOcean, recently associated with the label, is catching attention with his eclectic musical style. Preparations are underway for his upcoming album “No Cheat Code,” featuring notable partnerships like an agreement with Vevo Music Videos for his track, “UFO.” This collaboration is a testament to Die Tryin’ Records’ commitment to diversifying its artist portfolio.

By fostering mutualistic bonds with artists, THEDifference has formed alliances with initiatives such as “Shoot For the Stars” and “Love Life,” as well as media powerhouses like IHeart Radio and Vevo Music Videos. Beyond championing a plethora of music genres like Hip Hop, Rap, and Reggaeton/Latin Hip Hop, the venture also seeks to honor the intricate mosaic of tones they encapsulate.

Martin Urraburu, the visionary behind the project, is driven by tenacity and dedication to artists who have grappled with challenges and prejudice. He envisions a platform where up-and-coming artists can thrive, promoting a cultural evolution that widens the scope for these talents. And with an impressive 90% to 10% royalty distribution skewed in favor of the artists during their inaugural year, THEDifference is undoubtedly pioneering change.

At its core, Die Tryin’ Records embodies the spirit of Brooklyn, striving to spotlight urban talents. The label draws inspiration from the iconic rapper, Pop Smoke (Bashar Jackson), echoing his philanthropic values by extending an impartial opportunity for talents to display their creativity.

Urraburu’s approach diverges from traditional labels. He prioritizes artists receiving a significant portion of their initial year’s royalties and ensures they benefit from extensive promotional campaigns across major platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. Additionally, artists gain exclusive exposure on renowned radio networks, including HOT 97, HITS 973, and 979 THE BOX.

The year 2023 marked a significant milestone with the establishment of Die Tryin’ Records. Following this, Martin Urraburu garnered a nomination for the Forbes Under 30 Local Lists 2023, reflecting the label’s aspiration to be a lighthouse for Hip-hop luminaries and instill equality within the multifaceted music realm.

Del Bloque Recordings, the sister label, focuses on uplifting artists from underserved backgrounds, carving new paths for them to make a mark in the Latin music domain.

After aligning with Martin and Die Tryin’ Records, PariahOcean underscores the significance of persistence and belief in musical aspirations. His trajectory, enriched by engagements with industry veterans like Rick Ross and DJ Drewski, underlines the transformative power of such affiliations.

Die Tryin’ Records’ inception in Brooklyn is centered around identifying artists immersed in city culture and propelling them towards success. As Urraburu notes, “Our label is a tribute to the legendary rapper, Bashar Jackson, known as Pop Smoke. Anyone familiar with him knows his selfless nature. Our mission aligns with this ethos, aiming to offer everyone an unbiased platform to showcase their gifts.” Urraburu’s quest for talent spans from Brooklyn to San Juan, Puerto Rico. He believes that artists’ backgrounds, often steeped in adversity, resonate deeply with their artistic expressions.

The tale of Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, is intertwined with Bashar’s legacy. 50 Cent’s profound influence on Bashar’s personal and artistic evolution is undeniable. Bashar’s recollection of a conversation with 50 Cent, where he documented their discussion on his phone, speaks volumes about 50 Cent’s impact. The iconic movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” released over a decade ago, which depicted 50 Cent’s struggles, resonated deeply with both Pop and many others. The tragic circumstances of Pop Smoke’s death inspired the label’s name and ethos, mirroring the narrative of many artists they collaborate with.

THEDifference, spearheaded by CEO Martin Urraburu, oversees both Die Tryin’ Records and Del Bloque Recordings. Its foundation is rooted in the quest for fair platforms for rising artists, transcending their backgrounds. PariahOcean stands as a testament to the diversity and innovation that the enterprise upholds.

For an in-depth look into Die Tryin’ Records and Del Bloque Recordings, reach out to Martin Urraburu at Additionally, follow PariahOcean on Instagram for updates on his musical journey.

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