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Afrobeats Star Blaqbonez Shares 2-Pack Summer Anthems “Like Ice Spice” & “Like Bezos”

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Nigeria’s eminent rapper and singer-songwriter, Blaqbonez, has made a captivating comeback with his latest two-track project, introducing two exhilarating songs: “Like Ice Spice” and “Like Bezos.” Prior to the release, he enticed fans on social media by sharing snippets of these tracks a few weeks ago. Blaqbonez has consistently established himself as a prominent artist in the music industry, particularly within the African Hip-Hop realm, carving out a distinctive niche for himself along the way.

Blaqbonez has masterfully curated a collection of tracks that serve as the ultimate anthem for the summer season. These new songs invite his fans to immerse themselves in the groovy melodies and irresistible mid-tempo beats. One half of this sensational two-pack single is the vibrant tune titled “Like Ice Spice,” which is accompanied by the equally captivating track “Bezos.”

These scintillating summer anthems are more than just catchy tunes; they convey Blaqbonez’s heartfelt message to a special someone. With sultry lyrics, an infectious feel-good vibe, and a touch of patois-infused style, these songs captivate the listeners, drawing them into a state of pure sonic bliss. In addition, the unmistakable dance elements woven into the music ensure that every moment spent listening is an absolute delight.

Blaqbonez’s ability to combine all these elements and create such captivating summer anthems is truly commendable. With these tracks, he invites his audience to embark on a musical journey that is nothing short of extraordinary.

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