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Adom Delves into a Slice of Decadent Dance Pop with the Celebratory “Bones.”

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Being a Billboard charting artist is no small feat, and Adom’s incredible talent and dynamic musical abilities as a vocalist, performer, and multi-instrumentalist have significantly contributed to his success.

With a wealth of experience touring and performing, Adom has wowed audiences in some of the most prestigious venues, including Verizon Wireless Centers and major amphitheaters nationwide. His music is a delightful blend of pop and rock, reminiscent of some of the biggest artists of our time, such as The Weeknd and One Republic.

Adom’s versatility as an artist is unparalleled, being able to play almost every instrument; although he is best known for guitar, he harbors a greater love for the piano. His dedication to music has earned him recognition from industry experts, and he is considered a protégé of renowned record producer and engineer Phil Greene.

“Bones” goes right for the jugular, as Adom’s refreshingly minimal take on four to the floor is purely physical. The song’s slinky lyricism and agile production add to the sense of flexibility. He incorporates elements from early house culture, like the idea of simply surrendering to the sound and getting lost in the sheer intensity of the experience. Vocals have this crisp, clever refrain, for they embrace a sensuality, with the word choice further highlighting this atmosphere. By going for this sense of togetherness, of pure oneness, Adom makes sure that the listener gets roped into something immensely colossal.

The song appears to lift off into the sky from the first moment. His appreciation and consideration of the growth of the groove, letting it become all-consuming, adds to the sense of simply letting go—everything about the melody sparkles. Echoes of his voice bounce off the walls with the first hit of the beat. A nice drum kick adds to the propulsive nature of the sound, as it constantly shifts and becomes gigantic. He has a stately gaze on the sound as he sings confidently. Nods to groups like the Weeknd’s romantic retro style emerge throughout, highlighted in the dreamier parts of the piece. He has a commanding presence, with swirling textures crashing into each other as the final stretch completely loses control in the best way possible.

Done with pure dizzying joy, Adom delivers a nice take on a beloved sound with “Bones.”

Get ready to experience the full force of electrifying vocals and dynamic beats as Easier for Breathing and Don’t Give Up, two striking pop anthems from the artist, pave the way for the ultimate auditory journey that will take your breath away and leave you craving more.

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