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TR3W3Y releases his new hit single “WestSide”

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Up and coming Canadian artist, TR3W3Y, has recently dropped a new hit single called “WestSide”. This is also the first song, in 2 YEARS, that TR3W3Y released with a music video!! He reconnected with his cousin GordyBEATS, asked Gordy to make a custom beat to his vocals, and the two of them came hard with it.

GordyBEATS – who also goes by VileFX or Vile Visuals – directed, shot, and edited the music video as well!

The music video was shot at four different locations; TR3W3Y’s current home, his childhood home, Polo Park Shopping Centre, and TR3W3Y’s brothers home.

WestSide has now officially hit 100k streams on Spotify alone, and is STILL growing! From the words of Winnipeg rapper, TR3W3Y, himself – “I owe it all to the new team that I’ve been puttin together, and I couldn’t be happier with how well WestSide is doin right now!”

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