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Big Boss Vette Drops New Single “Ion Need”

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The punchy “Ion Need” hinges on bass-y piano and a glitchy beat as sirens wail. Without apology, Vette proclaims, “I’m a motherfucking P.I.M.P.” while asserting she doesn’t need a man for anything. In the commanding music video, men line up for a job interview to be Vette’s man and like the boss that she is, she denies them one by one.

Simultaneously, following the celebrated release of “Karma” on her YouTube channel, Vette answers the call of her fans, whom she lovingly refers to as her cousins, by making the song accessible on all major streaming platforms. The fiery song targets fakes as she warns, “I’m all out of favors so that free shit is a no.” Brace yourself for a whole lot more to come from Big Boss Vette including her debut project in June.

Check out the video below:


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