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BIG STEPPA DREW Let’s His Emotions Run Free On “NEVERMIND”

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After taking a short hiatus from music, BIG STEPPA DREW is refreshed and back better than ever to continue sharing his artistic gift with the world. The 17 year old, who has always had a burning passion for music, is geared up to display his talent on a larger and more consistent scale. He’s currently sitting on like 50 songs ready and aiming to release one every two weeks. The first was just released in “NEVERMIND.”

“NEVERMIND” brings you the emotions of an individual who’s been through a lot since his last release. The melodic anthem features a plethora of heartfelt lyrics that are healing for the soul. The almost 4-minute listen has brought many ears back to BIG STEPPA DREW and his unique sounds.

With his engineer PRODbytnvr, BIG STEPPA DREW plans to keep pumping out new hits every two weeks. He just dropped another single in “ALØNE,” which is out now, and numerous tracks are to follow. Including “Way I Felt” on June 3rd, “RIP” on June 18th, and another track in “You And Me” after. “RIP” is said to be about all the legendary artists who have died, and “You And Me” is a deep love song.

All kinds of dope music are on the horizon from BIG STEPPA DREW, but in the meantime, be sure to check out “NEVERMIND.”

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