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Born King Is Bringing Gospel Drill to the Music World

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Born King, also known as Bornkingmusic on streaming platforms, is an artist who has experienced a remarkable transformation in his life. Growing up in a single-parent household with his mother and younger sister, he faced challenges that led him down a destructive path. However, it was through a newfound faith in God and accepting Jesus as his lord and savior that everything changed for him.

Born King never aspired to be a musician initially, but his love for music was evident from a young age. It was during his journey of personal growth and spiritual awakening that he felt a strong urge to rap. He began listening to instrumentals on YouTube and started writing raps that eventually turned into songs. Recognizing a need in the Drill music world, he created a unique style called Gospel Drill, combining the Drill beats and dances with an encouraging and positive message.

One of Born King’s proudest accomplishments is the transformation of his life. He acknowledges that he was once a completely different person, deeply entrenched in the street life that claimed the lives or freedom of many of his friends. However, he found the strength to change, accepting Jesus as his savior. This decision, he believes, will forever be his greatest accomplishment, regardless of any success he achieves. Born King remains committed to staying humble, grounded in his faith, no matter how far his music career takes him.

Born King’s artist name reflects his journey and his commitment to his faith. His mother played a significant role in his upbringing, providing for him and his sister despite the challenges they faced. His parents’ separation caused bitterness and rebellion within him, leading him into the streets, where he experienced hardships and engaged in destructive behaviors. However, God had a plan for him, and through the prayers of his mother and the influence of his beloved Auntie Joya, his life took a transformative turn. Moving from Michigan back to New York, he found his way to church, met his wife Destiny Lancaster, and began a new chapter in his life.

Born King’s music is a testament to his journey and faith. His EP, Bumper Season, is a collection of Gospel Drill tracks that offer a unique blend of his message and sound. Additionally, his mixtape, ZEAL, combines the Gospel Drill style with his personal touch. Recently, he dropped a freestyle single titled “Power,” which showcases his talent and can be found on his Instagram page, @Bornkingmusic_.

To experience the powerful and uplifting music of Born King, you can find his tracks on all major streaming platforms under the name Bornkingmusic. As an artist who has overcome adversity and found his purpose, Born King continues to inspire listeners with his Gospel Drill style, captivating beats, and unwavering faith. Keep an eye out for this rising star as he leaves his mark on the music industry and touches hearts with his powerful message of hope and redemption.

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