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Behind the Scenes with Spitz: A Look into the Creative Process of One of Australia’s Hottest Emerging Hip-Hop Artists

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Australian hip-hop musician Spitz has been building a name for himself internationally because of his distinctive sound and infectious songs. But where did this up-and-comer come from, and what inspired his unique style?

Spitz’s father was a musician in a string of successful bands, and it was through him that young Spitz was exposed to a wide variety of musical styles. His friendship with Kedus, who had been composing music for quite some time, inspired him to pursue music more seriously. Spitz’s first official entrance into the music industry began when Kedus asked him to appear on his first EP, “Woodville Trap.” Spitz’s passion to compose music was sparked by the event.

Spitz looked forward to musicians like Lil Pump and Famous Dex when he was just starting out. Eventually, he became enamored with the concept of creating a studio-produced body of work, which led to the release of his 20-song album “Perspective” on his 20th birthday. The album was a smashing success, peaking at #6 on the Australian iTunes Hip-Hop rankings and reaffirming Spitz’s desire to earn a living doing what he loves.

The first step in Spitz’s creative process is generally locating the perfect rhythm. Lyric creation is facilitated by a good beat since it sparks imagination and motivation. The freedom to explore new sounds and approaches provided by working with producer Muller Made was important in his growth as an artist.

Spitz’s main priorities in composing music are being true to himself and creating songs about meaningful topics that more people can connect to. His songs reflect his varied life experiences, from college partying to a professional real estate job.

Spitz, like many other newcomers to Australia’s music industry, has had to endure a number of obstacles before he could truly begin to make a name for himself. To succeed in such a cutthroat field, he must acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to promote himself successfully.

Spitz, an entertainer at heart, aspires to create music that listeners will enjoy for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to: dancing, playing before a game, and crying along to. Through his image and music, he hopes to encourage people, especially younger and troubled generations, to get an education, learn about personal finance, find joy, and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

He is presently concentrating on accumulating a collection of classic hits to secure his spot in the music industry. He is always working to better himself and his abilities with the support of close friends and colleagues like Muller Made. He thinks that in order to succeed in the music industry, you need to surround yourself with knowledgeable people.

Spitz’s rise to prominence as a promising new hip-hop artist has been distinguished by dedication to his craft and an unwavering determination to always be authentic. Because of his innovative methods, successful partnerships, and dogged persistence, he is a true original in the Australian music industry.

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