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Rockstar Nino’s Meteoric Rise with New Debut Single: “Welcome to the Nightshow”

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Rockstar Nino, whose real name is Montreal Tyrome-Alexander Roberts, is a rising star in the music industry. After releasing several mixtapes, collaborating with other artists, and performing at numerous events, Rockstar Nino released his highly-anticipated debut single, “Welcome to the Nightshow”, on October 31, 2022.

Rockstar Nino’s journey began in 2017 when he was deeply inspired by various music projects. He started his career by purchasing a used laptop and the DAW program “Logic Pro X” and began experimenting with different sounds and effects within the DAW. He started making music under “Alexander Tre” and released his first mixtape titled Heartbreak Kid. However, he changed his name to Rockstar Nino in 2019 and started performing with other musicians and industry professionals at parties and clubs to grow his fanbase.

The renowned artist performed at South By Southwest (SXSW) after contacting Nyla Billups, a DJ and media personality at Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club, who helped him get an open slot to perform at the event. After SXSW, Rockstar Nino moved to Los Angeles to pursue music full-time. He started networking and attending events to promote his music and gain connections. He even released a collaborative tape, LAND SHARKS, with Saiah Woes, a native of LA, on September 17, 2021. The project received positive reviews and showcased the artist’s versatility and creativity.

In 2022, Rockstar Nino released his debut single, “Welcome to the Nightshow”, on October 31, 2022. The single is a perfect representation of his music style and sound. The song has a vibe different from his previous releases but still retains the same energy and emotion that Rockstar Nino is known for.

The music video for “Welcome to the Nightshow” was directed by Rockstar Nino and Big Al Entertainment. The video is a visual masterpiece that showcases the artist’s creativity and attention to detail. The video starts with a shot of Rockstar Nino in a dark room, with the camera slowly zooming out to reveal a lavish party happening around him. Then, the video follows him as he navigates through the party, interacting with different people, and enjoying the night.

But the video is not just about the party scene. It also features striking visuals, like neon lights, which create a captivating atmosphere that complements the song’s moody vibe. The music video for “Welcome to the Nightshow” perfectly represents Rockstar Nino’s artistic vision and is a great way for fans to get to know him better.

Speaking about the release of “Welcome to the Nightshow”, Rockstar Nino said, “Nightshow is just one vibe out of many in the vault. My music catalog can appeal to a variety of audiences.” And he’s right. Rockstar Nino’s music is a mix of different sounds and styles that make his music unique and fresh. He draws inspiration from artists like Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, and Juice WRLD, which is evident in his music.

Rockstar Nino is an artist to watch out for. His rise to fame has been meteoric, and he’s only just getting started. His music is a mix of different sounds and styles that make his music unique and fresh. He has the potential to become one of the biggest names in the music industry.

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