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Dom Okon Crowned “The King of Instrumental Pop” by HipHopSince1987 After His First Album Makes Music History

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Dom Okon is an American musician who has earned critical acclaim for his first album Youthly. He first burst onto the music scene in 2021 when he featured on a single called Blackboard. In April 2022, Dom Okon released a ten track album titled Youthly. The songs on this album consist of pop and melodic beats. The title track Youthly off the ten-song album peaked at #74 on the iTunes Pop Charts in mid – April. Dom Okon is the first American teenage instrumental musical artist to get a song to chart on the Top 100 of the iTunes Pop Charts.

Dom Okon is currently in the process of recording his second album Emergent. It’s rumored that this album will be focusing on the musical artist’s private life, delving into how much he’s grown since the release of Youthly in 2022. HipHopSince1987 in their publication about the young musician often questioned how long he could maintain his popularity in the years to come as it seems like he’s seen so many things happen to him at a fast pace. “ You wonder how long a person like this will manage to stay at the top. Does the young artist have the same cultural impact as his honorific contemporaries such as Michael Jackson or Britney Spears? How long will his career span? It seems like with time, these questions will be answered as we get to see more of Dom Okon’s career grow and evolve.” It’s very possible to question the longevity of his career as he’s only produced one album and may very well possibly have a sophomore slump with Emergent.

As of now Dom Okon’s career seems to be at its peak. The young musical artist just founded a public relations agency called Vocation Blue to help people advance in their profession. He also has a podcast on Spotify under his name called The Dom Okon Show. The third episode of the show was just released recently. Dom Okon is The King of Instrumental Pop. He has achieved so much at such a young age. Okon has many years to prove to critics why he’s worthy of this title.

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