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The Stars are Aligning in D.C — R&B/Soul Artist, ZayyDussé, is one of its brightest.

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The 2x award nominated artist, ZayyDussé continues to make it very clear, he is not to be taken lightly! It’s safe to say he hasn’t missed yet, according to his rapidly growing Fanbase. The release of his debut E.P “HIM” (July 30th, 2022) sparked eyes and ears globally. The versatility of the project mashed together vibes desired by the east coast, west coast, and everywhere in between. Since then, A few hidden gems were dropped periodically over the 2022 Winter SZN such as “Our Destiny”(November 9th), and “Right or Wrong”(December 16th).

ZayyDussé’s latest releases, consists of a repeat-worthy collection of 3 tracks, forming a mini project titled “Be There in 5”(April 17th, 2023). As well as a new single just in time for the summer! “Outside”(May 6th, 2023). Consistently showing both his current/future fans, a glimpse of his creativity by exhibiting what he can do with a body of work from an iPhone. Stay tuned for Official Tour dates from the rising star.

Listed below are a few of his top tracks! 

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Instagram: @ ZayyDusse

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