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Jade the Ivy’s ‘TRIBE’ – The Musical Feast That’ll Make You Want to Join a Tribe of Your Own”

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Jade the Ivy has done it again, people. With the release of her latest song and music video, “TRIBE,” she’s proven that she’s a hip-hop genre powerhouse to be contended with. Exactly what exactly are you doing with yourself if you had not actually listened to the music or watched the accompanying video?


Let us start with the soundtrack. “TRIBE” is a single of high-energy, pulse-pounding hip-hop that guarantees to make you want to get up and dance. And, if you’re a person like me, your dancing skills can be best characterized as “awkward flailing.” But that’s OK! You’re going to be overly preoccupied with experiencing fun to think about the way you look with music like this.


Let us not overlook BLO’s contribution to the tune. The man is an artist’s artist, and his work on “TRIBE” is no exception. His verse gives the song an added layer of depth and texture, and truly showed their chemistry.


The music video, however, is the true star of the show here. Randy Regis and Guerdy Regis directed the video, which is a visual feast that wonderfully captures the essence of the song. Every frame of this film is a work of art, from the brilliant colors to the wide vistas. Don’t even get me started on Jade’s clothing – the woman is destined to be a fashion icon.


Overall, “TRIBE” is an accomplishment for Jade the Ivy and proof of her artistic skill. It’s the sort of tune that makes you want to form your own tribe – a tribe of people that love music, dance, and have a good time. So, what are you holding out for? Gather your pals, turn up the volume, and let Jade the Ivy’s “TRIBE” serve as the music to your next gathering. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.




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