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Spice Gets The Key To The City

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Spice is an award-winning entertainer, Grammy-nominated artist, known around the world as the “Queen of Dancehall,’ and an advocate for women’s rights and empowerment. From her lyrics to her activism, she has always championed female strength and resilience through her music which celebrates female empowerment without shame or apology. Spice launched a campaign called ‘Grace Hamilton Women’s Empowerment Foundation. The foundation seeks to empower women from all walks of life by providing them with resources such as scholarships and mentorship opportunities. With this initiative, Spice creates a global platform where women are celebrated for their strength and beauty.

South Florida Leaders are eager to join Vice Mayor Marlon Bolton and Hon. Oliver Mair in honoring Spicefor her contributions to Jamaica’s culture because her groundbreaking music is unapologetic and naturally Jamaican, her activism for women’s rights is commendable, and because Spice continues to shape Jamaican culture through artistry and advocacy on a global scale.

“I am honored to receive the Key to the Region of Florida from Vice Mayor Bolton,” says Spice. “Throughout my career, it has always been important to me to spread our beautiful Jamaican culture around the world. I have visited Florida many times over the years and it has become another home for me. I am so happy to see our culture represented and appreciated. Thank you.”

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