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Delaware Artist Courtney P. Brings Back The Golden Era Feeling With “Greenbox”

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Delaware’s rising new talent, Courtney P is channeling years of masterful expertise through his enriching Hip Hop compositions. The promising artist drew inspiration from the work of his cousin, who was diligently sculpting a name for himself, passing out cassette tapes in the streets to get the word out about his skills and following his own musical journey.

Deciding early on that Rap was his calling, Courtney P was galvanized to explore his craft, while observing his cousin on the TV music station called “The Box”. Amidst an explosive and buzzing musical scene with artists such as DMX, Jay-Z, the Lox, and the Hot Boyz, Courtney began to try his hand at penning down music officially in 2002.

Since moving to Delaware to further his career, Courtney P has been a hit among audiences in the local scene. Apart from being a respected ladies man, the driven artist has made a habit of collaborating with some of the most formidable musicians of the state, including PC Beats who has produced for the likes of Freeway and the Game.

The artist has already put out a stellar discography that includes records such as, “LORDZ WILLIN PART 1”, “LORDZ WILLIN PT.2”, “SUPPLY ON DEMAND PT.1 HOSTED BY DJ BRAN (Meek Mills Dj)”, “The double Enten Dapper Don” EP, as well as an upcoming album, which will be titled, “Baby Goat”.

Coutney P’s latest single “Greenbox” gives you that golden era feel. His flow and lyrics are top tier and the beat is flawless. “Greenbox is a breath of fresh air for those of us who love that 90’s vibe.

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