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H Skywalker prepares for new release “Texas”

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Music fans have something new to look forward to, as a new track called “Texas” by H Skywalker is about to drop. He is releasing the record April 21st and the visual later in June. H Skywalker is excited to showcase his love for the vibrant music, culture and textures of Texas.

According to H Skywalker, “Texas” is a track that pays homage to the state in a story form. It’s said that everything about the song is big and brass – a fitting tribute to the ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ mentality. Fans of the artist, and those who love Texan music, can expect a sensory experience that takes them on a trip to the Lone Star state through the power of music.

As part of the marketing plan for “Texas,” the song will be promoted on Spotify and Apple. Short promo videos will also be available on all social media platforms and YouTube. The official music video for “Texas” is set to be shot in May 2023 in Texas and released in early June of the same year. The hope is that the video, like the song, will capture the essence of the great state of Texas.

H Skywalker is looking forward to sharing this new release with fans, and there are high hopes for the song. The goal is to get it to a million views, and the artist is confident that the love for all things Texas, and the power of music, will make that happen.

For music lovers and fans of this artist, “Texas” is one release to watch out for. With a visual set to be released alongside the track, it’s shaping up to be a full sensory experience. Let’s wait and see what the talented artist has in store for us come June 2023.

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