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Find freedom in your voice with izye’s empowering beats. Explore her debut album, F**k Boys Get Money!!!

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izye, a remarkable San Francisco East Bay Area artist, is fast rising as she showcases her fantastic singing, songwriting, hip-hop, and producing talents. Her debut album, F**k Boys, Get Money!!!, is a standout masterpiece released in late 2022.

Music has always been integral to izye’s life, with a passion that has developed from a young age. At 17, she began her journey toward a solo music career. In 2019, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a formal education in music but ultimately discontinued her studies in September 2020 to fully invest in her dream.

During this period, izye crossed paths with KundoCrankin’ and Angel Chavarro, her producers, who played a pivotal role in forging her unique musical style and identity.

Izye’s harmonious melodies marry together the best of R&B and modern hip-hop. The artist draws inspiration from distinguished music icons such as Ariana Grande, Tinashe, Jojo, and Kehlani. Her distinctive style is marked by the alluring fusion of her silky voice with captivating beats. Furthermore, izye’s music is anchored by honest, relatable lyrics that deliver solid, empowering messages that resonate with listeners.

In September 2019, she launched her first single, “24 Hours.” The song was recorded in her childhood bedroom, an impressive feat that you’d never assume upon experiencing its appealing rhythm and seamless delivery.

izye has made a bold entry into the music scene with her debut album, F**k Boys Get Money!!!, which dropped in late 2022. This fusion of her earlier releases and fresh compositions includes the sultry hit track “Drip.” With this impressive debut, Izye emphasizes valuing oneself and rejecting toxic elements in relationships. Its creative and catchy beats have earned rave reviews, making it a chartbuster with a strong message of self-respect and positivity.

To keep up to date with izye’s music, upcoming events, and recent releases, visit her official website:

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