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LeGrand Leseur Is Beginning To Takeover The Filming and Content Creation Scene

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LeGrand Leseur is an award-winning film director and proud owner of his own media brand Shamada Productions. Leseur and his business have quickly made their presence as a powerhouse in the film and content industry, working on his own short films and with some of the top brands, businesses, celebrities, and artists. His first horror short film, “Grandmas and Ladybugs,” went on to win nine film festival awards and other accolades. He’s also worked with Jagermeister and The Rock, Waka Flocka Flame, Juliet Fox at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Carl Cox, Dillon Francis, Snow Tha Product, and many others in the EDM and music world.


Growing up, Leseur was interested in movies and films and would often study them with a dream of one day making his own. The creative was also influenced by his father, who took him to the movies numerous times throughout the summer, often multiple times a day. His interest in movies and film stuck with him throughout his life before he took things a step further with his extra free time provided by the pandemic. During that stretch, Leseur learned how to film movies and bought his first $500 Canon camera, which he later used to film “Grandmas and Ladybugs.” an award-winning horror film.


Leseur focuses a lot on his cinematic work and creates content that stands out from his competition and looks more than just a recap video. The filmmaker is striving to make something that could potentially be played on the big screen, and that is his next goal. As for his media brand, Shamada Productions, Leseur wants to build it into a full production house like an A24 but with a twist. The company will be able to fund and work on movies, as well as help in content creation for artists, brands, and restaurants. He also is one of the founders of Black Leather Mondays a bi-weekly techno event in the Boston area. 


LeGrand Leseur’s accomplished work, only having been in the film and content creation industry for a couple of years, is nothing short of impressive. If you are an artist, brand, restaurant, or anybody that needs help with your content, look no further than Shamada Productions and LeGrand Leseur. 


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