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Emerging Artist Keveli Drops New Single “Demon Time”

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Emerging artist Keveli is heating up 2023 with the fifth single from his forthcoming project IM.PERFECT. The highly anticipated single is called “Demon Time” and it’s got the industry in a chokehold right now. The Bronx, New York native is known for dropping back to back bangers, and has a versatile sound that resonates with the masses.

Keveli is no stranger to hard work, nor hit-making. A genius at his craft, Keveli perfects whatever genre he touches. Starting out with Latin Music, Keveli has performed with the best of them, such as Luis Vargas, Bachata Heightz, Elvis Martinez, Shino Aguakate and many more.

His transition to becoming an actual artist started during the pandemic, as Keveli began to write and record Hip-Hop and R&B music. As it stands, Keveli identifies as a Hybrid Drill Bronx Rapper. However, uniquely, even though you hear the drill sound, the lyrics showcase so much more than violence. Keveli covers everything from hustling and heartbreaks to mental battles and party turn ups; creating relatable tracks anyone can feel. He’s definitely the rising star to keep an eye on.

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