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“Success is the greatest revenge” | The Shop With Babyface, Teyana Taylor, Tabitha Brown and More

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A room full of love, grace, and success. Season 6 Episode 4 of The Shop features legends singer, actress and director Teyana Taylor, recording artist and 12x Grammy-winner Babyface, track star and 7x Olympic Gold Medalist Allyson Felix, actress and entrepreneur Tabitha Brown, co-founder of The Hundreds Bobby Hundreds, marketing executive Paul Rivera, and entrepreneur Maverick Carter. Teyana shares how she balanced pain and motherhood while filming A Thousand And One and how returning to Harlem allowed her to be vulnerable, Babyface breaks down the process of using emotion to create music for artists over different generations, Allyson explains her fight for maternal protection guarantees in women’s track and field contracts, Tabitha takes us through the practice of healing and grace and how she always stays true to herself, and Bobby shares his vision behind the creation of The Hundreds and the community it represents. Check out the full episode below:


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