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Spottie Wifi debuts “Buy The Dips” Music Video featuring Jim Jones

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Spottie Wifi, the rising star of crypto hip-hop, has just announced the release of his latest music video, “Buy The Dips,” featuring the legendary Jim Jones. The single has already made waves in the Blockchain community, with fans eagerly anticipating the accompanying visual. 

“Turn an ETH into a Whip”

Spottie Wifi shared the inspiration behind his latest hit single “Buy The Dips” featuring the legendary Jim Jones. The rapper revealed that the song is autobiographical and was originally written about the hustle of trading cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He explained that this track is very personal to him as it chronicles his journey from being broke and unemployed during the COVID-19 pandemic to becoming successful and thriving in these turbulent times.

After penning most of the song, Spottie Wifi had the opportunity to meet Jim Jones at an industry event where they both participated in a panel discussion. The two artists hit it off, and Jim Jones ended up collaborating with Spottie Wifi on the track. In his verse, Jones shares his own perspective on hustling in the streets and flipping cryptocurrencies.

Spottie Wifi expressed his admiration for Jim Jones. “Jim is one of my favorite artists and a pillar of the culture, so to have him bless the song in such an authentic way is an honor”. 

The rapper also revealed that he was surprised by the number of crypto bars that Jones dropped in his verse, making it all the more relevant.

The King’s Alpha

The “Buy The Dips” music video is the latest visual from Spottie Wifi’s highly anticipated debut album, “The King’s Alpha”, which is set to drop April 28th, 2023. “The King’s Alpha” is a powerful and introspective album that tells the story of everything that has happened in Spottie Wifi’s life since his debut album “I’m Spottie” dropped. 

The album boasts collaborations with legends like Bun B and Jim Jones, highlights opening for Lil Wayne and Eminem at ApeFest, and even helping Snoop Dogg and his son Champ develop the NFT strategy for Death Row records helping generate $44 Million dollars in Web3 for the label. It is a testament to Spottie Wifi’s vision of becoming a mainstream artist and entrepreneur. With ‘Buy The Dips,’ Spottie Wifi has once again proven that he is a force to be reckoned with outside the crypto world. 

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