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Revolutionary Cannabis-Themed Sci-Fi Series Elevates Storytelling and Branding with AI Metahumans and Unreal Engine Technology

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Get ready for a groundbreaking new entertainment experience as Green Fiction, a cutting-edge trans media anthology series, explores the limitless potential of a revolutionary strain of cannabis named “Green Fiction.” This potent herb enhances both the mind and body, resulting in a collection of standalone sci-fi stories across various platforms, including a TV series, video game, comic book, and card game.

The TV series will feature thought-provoking standalone episodes, each highlighting the potential of Green Fiction as a catalyst for futuristic, mind-bending scenarios. Inspired by popular shows such as “Black Mirror” and “Love Death and Robots,” Green Fiction is set to be a standout in the sci-fi genre, providing viewers with a visually stunning and intellectually stimulating journey through a future where the limits of the human mind and body are constantly being challenged.

The video game offers players the chance to fully immerse themselves in the world of Green Fiction, taking on the role of characters who must navigate various challenges and obstacles using their enhanced minds and bodies to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. With advanced graphics and a gripping storyline, the Green Fiction video game promises to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

The Green Fiction comic book transports readers into the world of Green Fiction, bringing its incredible scenarios and beloved characters to life with breathtaking artwork and engrossing writing. This comic is a must-read for fans of the series, offering an immersive visual experience. Additionally, the comic is interactive, allowing readers to enhance their experience by using the AR function of the Green Fiction app. Simply point your phone camera at the cover of the physical comic book and watch as an animated storyline unfolds before your eyes.

The card game allows players to compete against one another in strategic battles, using their enhanced minds and bodies to outwit and defeat their opponents. With a unique range of cards and abilities, the Green Fiction card game promises hours of challenging and entertaining gameplay. Each standalone story in the TV series, comic book, video game, and card game will be named after cannabis products that can be legally purchased in Washington State dispensaries.

Access all of this content by scanning the product packaging of the Green Fiction cannabis product with your phone to download the Green Fiction app. “Green Fiction is an innovative and groundbreaking series that offers something for everyone,” said Kimmie Perry (producer). “Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi, gaming, comics, or card games, Green Fiction has it all. We’re thrilled to bring this unique and exciting entertainment experience to audiences everywhere.”

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