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RGM150 and Hoolie Nation Planning for New Levels in 2023

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We had the chance to catch up with RGM150 and his camp and discuss coming up in the industry as an independent artist and breaking through the executive world of today’s industry. With a lot to talk about, we date back to 2005, where under the stage name Type-R Dibiasi, RGM150 made his professional debut releasing multiple singles that made placement on national and statewide mixtape circuits. A run that lasted a few years, “Type-R” would make his final professional release in 2009 with the titled “Million Dollar Man ” Mixtape that was released exclusively through MySpace. Though he gained a lot of traction, as an independent artist he faced wall after wall when trying to take his showcase to the next level. He went on and continued to succeed in other endeavors. And at the time left his passion for music and entertainment on ice.

Along the time of the pandemic in 2020, RGM found himself with a lot of time on his hands and in that he regained a huge interest in creating music again. Linking up with artist G.O aka G.ame Over they bridged together a plot to put them on the map. Releasing their debut album “CheckMate” under the newly formed Hoolie Nation Record Label they made an impact on the scene and started ringing bells from state to state to ultimately landing on playlists and ears abroad in the UK and Berlin. The project has currently streamed close to 375K times since its release in early July 2021.

In November of 2021 Being back in the mix of things RGM150 launched his state of the art Multi-Media studio brand named Life Sound Studios. An elite brand of Luxury Set Audio Recording Facilities where artists and their teams could bunk up AirBnB style and work in a professional 5 star environment. Their premier location located in Austin, TX is home to a wide spectrum of artists and have included the likeliness of artists such as Talib Kweli, Sauce Walka, And many more.

In 2023 Hoolie Nation plans on dropping multiple projects including their Latin mainstream artist Chunk Norri$ that’s already heating up the international airwaves with his new single 24/7.

Also in the works is FW Deem, their young heart throb vocalist out of Kansas City Missouri that crushed the local market with their release of “Not A Safe Place” currently sitting over 225K Views.

Newly signed artists TwentyMadeit, Chino Loc and HoneyBerry Jesus are also onboard and ready with an arsenal of records and projects being set to release in mid 2023.

Hoolie Nation has some TNT in store set to explode. In our opinion RGM150 and the whole camp is something to look out for in 2023. They have the resources, talent, and drive to really be a juggernaut. Early Warning!! There is a Wave Coming.!!! And It’s A Whole Lotta Hoolie Shiii…

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